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Transform Your Influencer Marketing

5x ROI, 80% Time Saved

Experience the power of data-driven campaigns and streamlined workflows. One platform. Zero hassle. Maximum impact.


What’s the main challenge you face in your influencer marketing strategy?

I can’t seem to find the right influencers

Our influencer search finds the best matching influencers for your target audience, guaranteeing performance.

Guess what - this part’s automated, so you don’t need to spend any time searching and choosing.

I’m not sure about pricing and payments to influencers

price and payments

Hypefy takes care of the entire pricing, ensuring you get the most cost-effective deals without a worry.

What’s better - it’s all in a single invoice, so you don’t have to think about payments at all.

It’s hard to keep track of all communication

With Hypefy, you only talk directly to influencers when it's absolutely necessary—like making adjustments on content before posting.

All the important instructions for the influencers are already generated as soon as you build your campaign!

It takes too much of my time

Hypefy makes your life easier by automating everything—from influencer search and selection to pricing, outreach, negotiation, and even contracts.

We've got influencer briefing, content management, stats tracking, and payments covered, freeing you to focus on the campaign's creative and strategy.

I only see lackluster results

We focus on long-term, cumulative improvement. Our growing data makes it possible to deliver increasingly effective results with each new campaign.

That is why we achieve a remarkable 5x lower CPM compared to manually managed campaigns.

Who is this tool for?

Marketing Agencies

Manage multiple client campaigns and generate unparalleled ROI.

Hypefy helps keep your clients happy, and helps you secure long-term contracts with influencers.

In-house marketing teams

Be the mind behind seamlessly executed, large-scale influencer campaigns that consistently outperform expectations.

Hypefy helps you become the hero who brings efficiency and extraordinary results to the table.

Startup founders

Gain rapid market traction without sacrificing your time and resources.

Hypefy automates the grind, letting you focus on scaling your vision.

Small business owners

Punch above your weight as your small business makes a big splash in the market.

Hypefy delivers the impact you crave without draining your time or budget.

What do I get?

What can Hypefy do for me to help me get the most out of my marketing campaigns?

Automated Influencer matching

Let our AI do the heavy lifting and find and select the right influencers for your audiences.

automated influencer matching

Automated brief generation

Create detailed, effective briefs in minutes, not hours, with Hypefy brief generator.

Automated brief generation

Auto Outreach & Communication

Hypefy handles outreach, negotiation and ongoing conversations. You only interact when you wish to.


Optimized targeting Nano, Micro, Macro, Celebrities

Whether you’re targeting big names or niche players, we’ve got you covered.


Content Management

Organize, review, and approve content - all in one place! Say bye-bye to scattered email threads and DMs.


Bot detection

Our algorithm weeds out influencers with suspicious activity and bot followers. Never pay for fake engagement again.


Payment & Contracts

One invoice for all influencer payments. Smart contracts for smooth legalities.

payment contract

Tracking & Reporting

Real-time analytics and comprehensive reports give you actionable insights, so you’re always in the know.

payment contract

What can I expect?


Forget tedious tasks and manual search. Hypefy’s automation makes campaign setup easy as 🥧

Free up your schedule and allocate resources where they really matter, all while maintaining campaign efficacy.

5 x ROI

Leveraging over 2 million data points, Hypefy ensures optimal influencer alignments.

Let the performance speak for itself. Get ready for a surge in ROI.


Automate your flows, from influencer outreach to contract signing and payment.

Focus on strategy and creativity, not paperwork and endless correspondence.

Case Studies

See how we’ve improved results for our existing clients

How NIVEA Uses Hypefy to Maintain Brand Awareness and Its Leading Position

455K Total Reach

36,8K Engagement

1,5K Clicks

Read Case Study (PDF)
How BiteMe Used Hypefy to Launch a Game-changing Protein Cookie
bite me

301K Total Reach

86 Reach per Euro

3K Clicks

Read Case Study (PDF)
How Alpstadt Used Hypefy to Reach Audiences Outside Austria

150K Total Reach


260 Reach per Euro

Read Case Study (PDF)
How Amazinga Used Hypefy to Drive Traffic During Slow Hours

133K Monthly Reach

79 Reach per Euro

1,4K Clicks

Read Case Study (PDF)
How Labud Leveraged Hypefy for a Successful Rebranding Campaign

708K Total Reach

4,7K Engagement Rate

257 Reach Per Euro

Read Case Study (PDF)


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Startups & Small Business Owners


50€ 40€ 50€

per month

+ % Ad spend fee

Campaign builder

Brief generation

Influencer & Content approval

Results overview & tracking

Payment processing

Campaign size: 1.000 EUR minimum

Campaigns/month: 3

Dedicated account manager

Detailed report

Start Free Trial

30-day free trial included

Not sure we’re the right fit? Check our FAQ section or contact us for a free demo

How can I get started with Hypefy?

Getting started with Hypefy is simple and quick. Sign up on our platform and start the first campaign by using our easy-to-navigate campaign builder to set your objectives, and launch your campaign in less than 30 minutes. If needed, an account manager is on standby to guide you through the process for your first campaign. 

In what countries is it possible to launch campaigns using Hypefy? 

Hypefy's platform is designed to operate internationally, allowing you to launch campaigns in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Africa. Finally, you can communicate the same message across multiple countries, all from a single dashboard.  

How many influencers does Hypefy have? 

Hypefy has access to two databases of influencers. Our internal database consists of over 3.000 carefully vetted influencers, while our external database numbers more than 12 million influencers, offering a broad selection to match any campaign need. The number of influencers in our internal database is continuously growing as we expand our reach. 

How does Hypefy ensure the authenticity of influencers? 

We've got you covered with bot detection and a solid vetting process. No fakes, no hate speech, no inappropirate content—just quality influencers ready to boost your campaign. With Hypefy you can finally feel safe! 

What kind of performance tracking and reporting features do you offer? 

Hypefy provides tracking and comprehensive reporting features, giving you actionable insights for ongoing and future campaign optimization. You can track anything from impressions, reach, engagement, link clicks, all the way to the conversions if using personalized codes or links.