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Using your parameters, we will build a campaign timeline, hire influencers and deliver results.


Influencer selection, price negotation, result gathering. We do it all automatically, at scale.


Using your campaign parameters, we select influencers that are most suitable for your goals.


We use a large number of smaller, better performing influencers to maximize results per dollar.


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Amazing Features

Simple, but built for massive scale.

Campaign builder

Using best practices, we guide you through a set of questions which are then used to generate a perfect brief a campaign blueprint that will maximize results.

Result tracking

We gather metrics of every post or story, and summarize it in a easy-to-use dashboard so you can track the results in real time.

Detailed report

Customized report with all results, including reach, impressions, engagement and other such metrics is generated for every campaign.

Influencer picker

We use ML models for demographic targeting and calculating Influencer Quality Index to automatically pick best suiting and performing influencers for you.

Price negotations

Utizing our large historical data, we can calculate price and value of each influencer. We then use that to give you best bang for your buck.

Content approval

You are still in control. You can choose to approve or remove any influencer or any content before starting the campaign.

Utilize influencer marketing to achieve results with authenticity.

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing, best performing marketing industry. Use Hypefy to get easy access with great returns.

  • Suitable for both SMEs and Enterprise.
  • Massively outperforms manual campaigns.
  • You are in control.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypefy is a cutting-edge solution that leverages advanced analytics and data-driven insights to identify the best-performing influencers in the industry for your marketing campaigns. It streamlines the entire process by managing payments, tracking results, and generating in-depth reports, requiring minimal effort from the client side.
We do not require influencers to be in our platform, we can send proposals and hire any influencer, anywhere in the world.
No, there is no subscription required to use our platform. We operate on a pay-per-campaign model, which means you only pay for the campaigns you run, and we charge a small fee for each campaign. Considering the improvement in results, the fee has always shown to be way smaller than what you save.
We use many parameters to determine the quality and value of influencers (including engagement rates, fake follower estimates, historical performance etc.) and then calculate our Influencer Quality Index. This is then used in campaign generation. Our platform analyzes many parameters (such as audiences, engagement rates, fake follower estimates, historical performance etc.) and estimates the influencers' quality and value using data collected from past campaigns. By calculating those parameters into our Influencer Quality Index, it identifies influencers who are most likely to deliver the desired results for your specific campaign goals.
We support Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
We do not require influencers to be in our platform, we can automatically send proposals and hire any influencer, anywhere in the world. We know, it's like magic.
The platform handles all payments to influencers directly, which means you don't have to worry about making individual transactions. We charge a small fee for every campaign, which is already included in your campaign budget, so no need for separate payments. We justify our fee with outstanding results, which beat human selection every time. And saves you time and money.
The platform tracks various performance metrics, such as engagement, audience interest, impressions and reach, in near real-time. This data is gathered and analyzed to provide insights into the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign.
Yes, our platform generates an in-depth report at the end of each campaign, which includes details on the overall performance, individual influencer performance, and key takeaways. This report will help you measure the success of your campaign and make data-driven decisions for future marketing efforts.
While our platform automates most of the campaign process, you still have the option to communicate with influencers directly if needed, specifically to approve or request changes to the content they make and upload to Hypefy before posting. However, our platform manages most of the interactions to ensure a seamless experience and to maintain the efficiency of the automated process.
To get started, simply create an account, set up your campaign goals, and input your desired target audience. Our platform will then analyze the data and start the process. Even though we don't recommend this (because of personal bias), if you have to be careful with your brand image, Hypefy can provide you with a list of recommended influencers for your campaign beforehand, which you can approve. Once you approve the selected influencers, the platform will handle the rest.
We take data security very seriously and implement stringent measures to protect your information. We use industry-standard encryption protocols and secure data storage to ensure that your data remains private and secure.
Yes, our platform is designed to handle multiple campaigns at once. This allows you to diversify your influencer marketing efforts and reach different segments of your target audience effectively.

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